Research Project: Amazing Countries

Expanding upon the Chinese Language textbook curriculum, the Research Project on Amazing Countries was based on the Primary 5 Higher Chinese chapter 《爱斯基摩人》. Using the Eskimo people and Arctic region as an example, students were taught how to create a KooBits ebook on a country with a unique landmark.

To facilitate collaborative learning, students were divided into groups of 4-5 students. Each group could independently decide on the country they wanted to research. As the project was to be completed during the June school holidays, groups were also free to set each member's tasks and processes for monitoring group progress.

To encourage self-directed learning, teachers instructed that each ebook had to contain 4 sections of information: Location (such as maps, flags, climate), History (origins, ancient peoples, wars), and Culture (language, music, food), in addition to information about the unique landmark.

Using KooBits EDU to conduct this assignment also allowed students to maximise their use of ICT tools to enhance their learning. In addition to conducting online searches to find information, students could embed and stream YouTube videos, add interactive triggers, and share their work with peers online.




  • 地理知识(位置、气候)
  • 历史背景(建国、战事)
  • 文化资讯(建筑、地标、音乐、舞蹈、食物)



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