Project Outcomes

In evaluating the success of the project, the following points were considered:

Teacher Outcomes

1. Did the ICT-enriched learning experiences lead to more engaged learning?

2. Did the project enable teachers to broaden and deepen students' learning?

3. Did teachers use alternative assessment methods to assess both individual and group learning?

4. How was responsibility for learning and group collaboration shifted to students?

Student Outcomes

1. Were students more enthusiastic towards their learning (learning beyond the curriculum)?

2. Did students contribute, consider, and discuss ideas in order to set and achieve group goals?

3. Did students use computing tools to gather information and collaborate with team members and monitor each others' progress?

Due to the school's strong ICT vision and culture of innovation, the project received support from school leaders, teachers, and students alike.


  • 提供一个新的阅读平台,推广阅读。
  • 作业的形式更多样化,全情投入。
  • 图文并茂,影音声效俱全,巩固学习。
  • 网上资源丰富,扩展学习。

  • 学生对华文课更感兴趣。
  • 学生在课堂外自主学习,他们有更多的机会阅读、写作,从而提高语文程度。

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