Project Objectives

Due to rapid advancements in technology, today's digital natives are more technologically proficient than ever. The Ministry of Education (MOE)'s third Masterplan (mp3) drives the use of Information and communication technologies (ICT) in education with the goal of enriching learning environments and equipping future generations "with the critical competencies and dispositions to succeed in a knowledge economy".

Hence, this year, the school has started a project to harness ICT for Self-Directed Learning (SDL) and Collaborative Learning (CoL) specifically in Chinese lessons. The goal is to provide learning materials and activities that will engage and interest students in the Chinese language beyond just the curriculum requirements, and as such broaden and deepen students' learning.

For this project, we decided to utilize KooBits EDU, an online tool for creating interactive rich media ebooks and presentations. Being web-based, students were able to access KooBits EDU and complete their assignments from home.

The teachers in the Chinese Language department have created 5 different programs that integrate the use of KooBits EDU as an ICT platform:

  • Conversion of teachers' PowerPoint lesson slides into KooBits interactive presentations
  • Student research project: Amazing Countries
  • Student digital journals: All About Basketball
  • Comics creation: Fun with Chinese
  • Language games creation


  • 使华文的教学生动有趣。
  • 引起学生的学习兴趣。
  • 鼓励学生自主学习/合作学习。





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